3 Great Things To Do In Ecuador

25 February 2015
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Ecuador is not the first place on many people's lists of places to travel, but they truly should reconsider. With beautiful beaches, world-class mountains, and excellent food, Ecuador is truly one of the hidden treasures of the world. Check out these three great things to do in Ecuador and see if they pique your interest.

1. Bike Down a Mountain

Even if you're in the best of shape, you might not be able to climb Cotopaxi, Ecuador's second tallest volcano, because it's 5,897 meters high. However, almost anyone is able to handle the physical difficulties of riding downhill on a bike. You'll start your adventure by taking a van or bus up the volcano. Before going on the trip, you can choose to rent a bike or use your own. At one of the bike rental places at the top of the volcano, you can look at a map to see your approximate route and decide where you would like to end up. Make sure that you and whoever you are with have cell phones to communicate in case someone gets lost. Once you're ready, hop on your bike and have the ride of your life.

2. Have Mountain Adventures

If you travel to Banos, a small town at the base of Tungurahua Volcano, you have a range of activities to choose from. These activities include hiking up to the volcano's crater, taking a whitewater rafting tour, going on a swing hanging from a bridge, and visiting hot springs. All of these activities are based near Banos, so you can do several in a single day. There are also places to stay in and around Banos if you decide that you want the adventures to last more than one day.

3. Learn to Surf

Montanita has arguably some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world and an excellent surf scene. As a result, there are a number of excellent surf shops that offer lessons to anyone willing to rent a board. There are a number of resorts that even offer their own surf lessons. When you're done surfing for the day, you can explore the city at night. Check out the small bars that line the waterfront, enjoy some of the local food, and relax.

Consider visiting Ecuador for your next vacation. If any of these activities seem interesting, contact a vacation rental company, like Montanita Estates, to check out your housing options.