How To Save Money On Your Summer Vacation With A Large Family

31 March 2015
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If you have a large family, and you are interested in taking a vacation this summer, you may be a bit wary about the amount of money you will be spending. There are many ways to save money while going on vacation, and just because you are a larger unit doesn't mean you need to be paying more than you can handle. Here are some money-saving tips for families with several members that can help you spend less while going away.

Opt For A Family Suite

Many people will book two rooms when their family goes away. Instead of paying double the price for each night of your vacation, find out if the hotel or resort you are visiting has a family suite. The price will include amenities not available with two separate rooms, such as a full-sized kitchen and extra televisions.

You have the advantage of having everyone together in one area instead of being separated, perhaps not even in a room next to each other. A suite will save you money on dining, as well, because you have the option of cooking and eating right in your room instead of spending money at restaurants every night.

Vacation At Less Popular Times

If you plan on vacationing, wait until the end of the season to cash in on some discounted rates. You may be able to bargain for less on rooms if you are visiting an area that has a definite end to their summer activities, such as in beach areas. Going on vacation before or after most schools are in session can save you a lot of money on lodging, as well, because the rates may already be lower. Some areas will offer lower-priced tickets for amusements near the end of the summer, as well.

Look For Free Entertainment

Instead of going to an expensive amusement park or water park with several children, look around for localized entertainment in the area. Activities such as going to national parks, hikes on state land, or taking a local free factory tour can be just as fun as more expensive options. Some towns have free museums and water play on rivers or lakes. Look for activities that have a buy-one get-one free ticket for entry.

One thing that will save you with a large family is making sure a hotel you are staying at has a swimming pool. Many times children will have more fun in the hotel pool than doing anything else on the vacation.  To find out more, contact a business like Cascade Inn.