4 Tips For Handling The Waiting List At A Retirement Community

11 May 2015
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When your parent needs to move into a retirement community, you might find that the one you are interested in does not have any vacancies. If this happens, your parent could be placed on a waiting list. Here is what you need to know about waiting lists and what you and your family can do while waiting. 

Place a Deposit

Some retirement communities require you to pay a deposit while you wait for an opening. If you plan to do this, ensure that the deposit is refundable. In the event that your parent finds another community and is happy there, you want to be sure you can get your money back. The amount that you have to pay can vary by community, so check with the director for the exact amount. 

Review the Waiting List Policy

It is very important that you carefully read the policy for the waiting list. There might be rules that could directly impact whether or not your parent ends up with a room in the community. For instance, the community might only hold the room for a certain period of time after it becomes available. You might also have to check in to verify that still have interest in a room for your parent. 

If you have questions about the policy, ask before you pay the deposit. 

Reserve a Room

If your parent wants the room to be a certain size, style, or have a specific view, ask whether you can reserve a room that meets that criteria. Many retirement communities do offer the chance to specific rooms. If you do opt to do this, you could be stretching the amount of time that your parent spends on the waiting list. This means you will have to make arrangements to cover the extended period of time that your parent is not in the community.

Ask About Special Services

You might have to reserve special services for your parent, too. For instance, if your parent needs a specialized service, such as physical therapy within the community, you might have to get on that waiting list, too. Otherwise, you might have to make arrangements to have your parent taken to his or her therapy outside of the community. 

Talk to the director of the retirement community if you have any additional concerns about the waiting list period. The director can provide you with information that is specific to the community and help you get on the waiting list, if needed.