Three Important Topics To Discuss Before You Book A Hotel Conference Room

21 October 2015
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Booking a hotel conference room to play host to your upcoming work meeting, training sessions or even celebratory gala is an effective way to connect with your staff outside the walls of your office. By getting away from the office, you can often get to know another side of your employees while also collectively boosting the morale of your team. When you're considering a hotel conference room for your event, you'll likely be ready to ask questions about the rental rate and dates of availability. Here are three other important topics to discuss with the hotel's rental representative before you book the conference room.

Guest Room Availability And Rates

If you're looking to rent a hotel conference room for your work function, it's possible that some of your guests will be traveling from out of town. Or, if you're planning a party at which alcohol will be served, many of the attendees will wish to stay over. Obtain the approximate number of hotel guest rooms that you'll need and ask the rental representative if the hotel has enough rooms available. Additionally, inquire about getting discounted rooms because you're booking so many. Hotels can typically accommodate this type of request, although it's an extra incentive to organize your event well in advance to ensure there will be enough room vacancies.

On-Site Vs. Off-Site Catering

Many hotels that offer conference rooms can provide catering from an on-site provider -- typically, the hotel's restaurant -- or even a partnership with a local catering business. Either option ensures that your group will be well-fed, but if you have your mind set on a specific type of food or even a specific provider, it's important to share this information with the rental rep. The hotel might have a policy that groups that use its conference rooms must also use the on-site food provider. This information is valuable to know before you make your decision. Even if this is the case, the food provider can often prepare specific meals and refreshments to suit your group's needs.

A/V Equipment

In today's age, audio-video equipment is a prevalent fixture at a wide range of work functions. Many hotel conference rooms have such equipment available, but it's always important to get a thorough breakdown of exactly which things are present, and it also doesn't hurt to inspect them to ensure they're compatible with the equipment you plan to bring. Even if the conference room isn't permanently equipped with A/V gear, the hotel might have an agreement with a local A/V equipment rental company to ensure that your technology needs are met. 

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