4 Tips For Renting An Apartment With A Pet

21 July 2016
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Finding a pet-friendly apartment could be easier than you think. Waiting until you are ready to sign the lease and asking whether or not pets are allowed is a bad move. Here are some tips to help you find the right place for you and your pet.

Narrow Your Search to Pet-Friendly Places

Contact the apartments you are interested in and ask about the pet policy. By doing this, you can cull down your prospects to only those that are willing to let you and your pet live there.

If you encounter an apartment building that is unwilling to accept pets, do not be afraid to ask why. There might be a possibility that you can overcome an objection to pets. For instance, if the landlord is worried about large dogs being on the property, if you have a small dog, you can ensure him or her that your dog will not be a problem. 

Ask Past Landlords for References

Some landlords or leasing agents are reluctant to rent to pet owners because of bad experiences in the past. To help persuade a landlord to give you a chance, ask past landlords to provide you with written references. 

Ideally, the statements from the landlords should include a summation of how your pet fit into the community and the state in which you left the apartment or home. 

Get a Statement from Your Vet

Part of being a responsible pet owner is ensuring that your pet has regular visits to the vet. Over the course of caring for your pet, your vet gets a good idea of your pet's nature and qualities. Therefore, a statement from your vet can help sell a landlord on your pet. 

Ask your vet to include comments about your pet's behavior. For instance, your vet could discuss how well your pet behaves when it is in the office for a visit. 

Offer an Additional Deposit

If a landlord is reluctant to rent to you because of your pet, offer to pay an additional deposit. Some landlords already ask for an additional deposit, but if the building you are interested in does not, asking ahead of time can show a commitment to being a good tenant. 

Moving into an apartment does not mean you have to give up your pet. With some research and negotiation, it is possible to find the right apartment for both you and your pet. For more information, contact a company like Dale Forest Apartments.