New Photographer & Need To Build Your Landscape Portfolio? Consider Renting A Cabin

12 December 2019
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If you are trying to break into professional photography and working on building your landscape portfolio, consider booking a cabin rental during the winter in a mountain setting, like the Smoky Mountains. Streams and rivers lined with snow-covered trees are amazing to capture in photographs, not to mention valleys and mountains covered with snow. The reason renting a cabin is ideal in this setting is because it will be an authentic experience for you, which can help your creativity flow. Here are a few things to consider when renting a mountain cabin during the winter:


Of course, the most important part of your working vacation is being in the middle of phenomenal scenery that you can capture in photographs. Therefore, when you're looking for a cabin rental, get the address and check out a satellite map to see if the cabin rental is in an area that will suit your purposes. Alternatively, contact a photography club in that area and ask for their recommendations for where captivating landscape photographs can be taken. Then, scour rental listings for cabin rentals that are nearby. 


The amenities in the cabin that you want will depend on your personal preferences, of course, but since this will be a working vacation, you may need high-speed internet and cell phone service. Check with your cell phone provider to see if you'll be able to use your cell phone at the cabin rental. If the cabin doesn't have Wi-Fi, you may be able to use your cell phone as a hotspot for your laptop, if you have cell phone service there. 

Road Conditions

It's important to consider what the road conditions may be at the cabin you rent. Quite possibly, the road conditions may preclude you from driving an automobile to the cabin, unless you have chains on your tires. Instead, rent a 4WD vehicle so you can be sure to reach your cabin safely and leave when your working vacation ends. After you rent a 4WD vehicle, be sure to stock it with supplies for winter traveling. 

Photography Equipment

Some photography equipment is sensitive to cold and damp weather. Therefore, you'll want to be sure to take a few preventive measures to ensure your photography equipment won't get damaged. Shuttermuse has a list of tips that can help you protect your equipment for your wintry landscape photo shoot. Never leave your photography equipment inside your vehicle overnight. Store it all inside the cabin instead.

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