Different Types Of Vacation Specials

29 September 2022
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Many hotels and other sleep accommodation businesses will use specials to attract customers. If you take advantage of one of these deals, you can get more things included in your stay at a more affordable cost. These discounts are offered year-round at many different establishments, but if you plan a vacation during the off-season, you're more likely to find them. 

Free Nights with Longer Stays

When you stay at a place for multiple nights, and they also offer nightly stays, they might allow you to stay additional nights at no cost. For example, some businesses will have specials where you get a free night's stay when you book a room for three nights. They're happy to have one of their rooms reserved for multiple nights because it saves them the headache of trying to get someone to stay in it, so they reward you.

Free Breakfast

Some hotels offer complimentary breakfast to all their guests, but places that don't may offer it as an incentive for vacationers. Whether it's a motel, hotel, cabin rental business, etc., if they have a kitchen, they might use complimentary breakfast to convince you to stay with them instead of somewhere that doesn't offer it. When you're on vacation, it's nice knowing you won't have to pay for one of your meals or look for a place to eat, so it's a method that works well to attract guests. 

Free or Discounted Tickets to Nearby Events and Attractions

Many sleep establishments work with local businesses to cross-promote. They may be able to get cheap tickets to local events and attractions, which they purchase to give to vacationing guests as an incentive to stay with them. As long as they recoup the costs in the price of their rooms, it's a win-win situation. 

Room Discounts

Another vacation special that many sleep establishments will offer to attract guests is price discounts. They may reduce their nightly rates if they know they won't be able to fill all of their rooms at a particular time. If you're planning a vacation during a time when not a lot of other people are, you can benefit from these nightly discounts and save a significant amount during your stay. 

Room Upgrades

Sleep establishments with different price points for rooms might offer more expensive rooms for the price of standard ones to convince people to stay there. If you were on the fence about staying at a particular place for your vacation, and they told you they'd let you stay in a much better room for the same price, it would probably help convince you to book with them.

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